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ecove▓red himself, and he asked his questi▓on with an interest that seemed ▓genuine, if somewhat cynical. The circum▓stantial evidence against him is ▓pretty bad, yet you wouldn't wa▓nt to have him hanged on the strength of it, wo▓uld you I would not, said Olden, wi▓th a sudden laugh that sounded strange a●fter his passion of a moment before.I can thi▓nk of nothing that I should more regret than to● have your friend Lawrence hung▓.I drink to his speedy discharge.An●d he poured himself a stiff ●drink and drained it with a fervor that made the▓ act seem sacrificial.Certainly ▓there was a good deal of the original Adam in th▓is curious stranger. The sudden● ring of the telephone in the hall cut so s●harply across the silence in the house tha▓t it startled them both.Olden▓ went to answer it, and immedia●tely returned. It's someo●ne to speak to you, Mr.Lyon,--nam▓e is Howell. Oh, yes.I suppose he g●ot my new address from the Grosvenor. He ▓went to the phone, and this is the c▓onversa

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